CubETH is a joint satellite project between EPFL’s eSpace and ETHZ.  The satellite is a next generation CubeSat, measuring about one liter of volume and weighing less than a kilogram.  In many ways, it is the successor of SwissCube, following a similar form factor, but more advanced technologically.  CubETH will be capable of calculating its own altitude and position in space with unprecedented precision thus paving the way for nano-satellite constellations with inter-satellite communication capabilities.

CubETH also serves as one of eSpace’s main multidiscplinary education tools.  Close to a hundrer students have already worked on pars of CubETH, with more planned as we get closer to the launch date. Want to help? Check out the open project page for CubETH.


 How does CubETH work?  Follow the links below for more information on the subsystems: