Before you start

You have been accepted to a project at eSpace? Congratulations!  Hopefully you are ready to start working hard and contribute to the future of humanity in space!

Before you can acces the facilities at eSpace, we need you to fill this registration form so we can have details of what you are working on.

During your stay

Expectations and values

While you are part of eSpace, we expect you to live up to our standard work ethics.  Beyond work, we hope that you will enjoy your time and socialize with your fellow colleagues.

For all of us, the values of technical excellence, integrity, innovation and transparency are very important. During your stay, you should strive to absorb and display these values.

Lab guidelines

As a student doing a project at eSpace, you will have access to some state-of-the-art lab facilities and equipment.  Many of these facilities are shared with staff of the Swiss Space Center and their industrial members.  You must care for the equipment at all times and always have safety in mind!  Any student not following the rules below may permanently be denied access to the lab.

Specific lab rules:

  • Your personal safety is always the priority: never do anything unsafe.
  • You need to keep your workstation clean and make sure that everything is in place when you finish your project.
  • Make sure you provide an environment where your colleagues can work efficiently and without distraction.

At the end of your project

Once your project is finished, and before you get your grade, you must:

  • Clean-up your workstation and make sure all parts and equipment are sorted and put away
  • Provide all digitial and material data resulting from your work, making sure that it is available to senior staff
  • Fill up the eSpace feedback form describing your experience