The EPFL Space Center (eSpace) is an interdisciplinary hub, working with students, academic institutions, international space agencies and industry partners, with an overall mission to promote space related research and education at EPFL. eSpace achieves its mission through three key areas:

  • Education
  • Fundamental research
  • Innovative development projects

eSpace is currently focused on the research initiative on Sustainable Space Logistics, which includes missions such as removal of space debris and technologies such as Relative Navigation and Space Robotics. One of the timely developments is the partnership with eSpace’s commercial spin-off ClearSpace SA, which will launch the first space debris removal mission in 2025, following the recent selection of the mission ClearSpace-1 by ESA.

The center boasts a team of experts with a wide range of industry and academic experience, and benefits from close collaborations with research laboratories and institutes at EPFL. In many cases, the research and development activities performed are carried out directly within these entities, with support or coordination from eSpace. In this way, the center can lean on an extensive knowledge base and state-of-the-art research in a number of areas, ranging from robotics, artificial intelligence, and precision engineering to computer vision, and help take these technologies to space.

The center coordinates the popular Minor in Space Technologies which allows master-level students to acquire extensive formal teaching in the field of space science and technologies. These theoretical classes are complemented by hands-on multidisciplinary projects which often lead to the construction of hardware (e.g. SwissCube satellite which was launched into space in 2008, as well as the recently selected ClearSpace-1 mission).

The center also provides guidance and support to various student-led associations on campus such as the EPFL Rocket Team, the EPFL Spacecraft Team, GrowBotHub, Xplore and Space @ Your Service.

« The EPFL Space Center (eSpace) is a centre of excellence in space technologies, research, education and innovation »

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Our Mission

Inspire the new generation of students in space-related projects and activities.
Develop novel space science and technology research topics in partnership with EPFL labs and beyond.
Foster innovative space initiatives.


Our Vision

Establish EPFL as a world-renowned center of excellence in space science and technology research, education and innovation.


Our Values

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