Space capacity allocation for the sustainability of space activities

Politecnico di Milano Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, Milan, Italy

Space, as any other ecosystem, has a finite capacity. The continuous growth of space activities, due to our increasing reliance on services from Space, the privatisation of the space market and the lower cost of deploying smaller and distributed missions in orbit, is from one side improving human-life quality and, […]

5th Summit for Space Sustainability

Convene 117 West 46th Street, New York City, NY, United States
Hybrid Hybrid Event

The 5th Summit for Space Sustainability is a high-level, multi-day event focused on developing solutions for space sustainability, hosted by the Secure World Foundation. The 5th Summit for Space Sustainability will be a unique gathering of global stakeholders from government, industry, and civil society. This event will feature keynotes, interactive […]

PVSPACE23 – New Generation Photovoltaics for Space

Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome Via Eudossiana 18, Rome, Italy

The rapid progress in modern space economy is entrepreneurial and global accessible with increasingly expanding with private players across a variety of sub-sectors and markets via an increasingly growth in funding and investing. A major step forward in the space technologies is to develop affordable power systems applicable in the […]

Aerospace Europe Conference
Joint 10th EUCASS – 9th CEAS Conference

Swisstech Convention Center Quartier Nord EPFL, Route Louis-Favre 2, Ecublens, Vaud, Switzerland

About the conference The Aerospace Europe Conference 2023 is a joint event between the 10th European Conference for Aerospace Sciences (EUCASS) and the 9th conference of the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS). The objectives in 2023 are to strengthen the link between space and aeronautics, facilitate cross-fertilisation and lay […]

“Aiming High: The Story of the James Webb Space Telescope and How it is Changing our View of the Universe”, by Thomas Zurbuchen

EPFL Polydome EPFL Route de la Sorge PO1, Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

Thomas Zurbuchen is the longest continually running Head of Science at NASA from 2016 to 2022. Previously Professor for Space Science and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan. Also founder of the largest Entrepreneurship programme at American Universities - the Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship - and a member of […]

Commercial Space Days

Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre (Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern) Europap, Luzern, Switzerland

Switzerland is currently revising its space policy and devising a national legal framework for space, recognizing international developments. The Swiss Space OfficeΒ is seeking inputs to its innovation policy. The European Space Agency is making similar efforts, having established a Directorate for Commercialization and accompanying Center (ECSECO), and expanding their roles […]