a customer playing the game in Tokyo

Official launch of Tranquility Base and VIRUP prototype in Tokyo

13.09.21 – As part of the EPFL Virtual Space Tour […]

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matterhorn for tokyo

EPFL Virtual Space Tour – Tokyo

16.08.21 – EPFL Space Center (eSpace), Laboratory of Astrophysics and […]

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rocket launch

“A universal definition of space sustainability is hard to find”

25.06.21 – Under a new rating system, it will soon […]

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image of space debris above earth

eSpace to operate the Sustainable Space Rating by 2022

17.06.21 – The World Economic Forum announces that the EPFL […]

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space debris around earth

EPFL works to address debris collision risk

19.05.21 – Space debris threatens human safety in space and […]

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chess satellite over matterhorn

EPFL moves boldly into space with its CHESS satellites

05.02.21 – The EPFL Spacecraft Team has set itself the […]

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render for amisru

LMTM prepares for Mooncrafting

08.12.20 – Additive Manufacturing In-Situ Resources Utilization (AMISRU) is a […]

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eSpace: a new website has launched!

18.11.20 – The EPFL Space Center (eSpace) has launched a […]

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clearspace 1 satellite 3d model in space

Deep Learning Algorithms Helping to Clear Space Junk from our Skies

29.10.20 – EPFL researchers are at the forefront of developing […]

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3d model of clearspace 1 satellite in space

ClearSpace-1 mission kicks off

10.07.20 – Work has just begun on building the first […]

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euclid telescope 3d model

The Euclid space telescope is coming together

09.07.20 – ESA’s Euclid mission has reached another milestone on […]

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growbot hub 3d montage

Shoot(s) for the Moon!

17.06.20 – Using robotics to grow and harvest plants without […]

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