CHEOPS satellite 3D model in space

A Swiss satellite seeking out distant planets

18.12.19 – The CHEOPS satellite was put into orbit on […]

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Clearspace 1 satellite 3d model in space

EPFL startup heads a mission to clean up space

13.12.19 – ClearSpace, a spin-off of EPFL’s Space Center (eSpace), […]

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swissnex day 2019

SwissnexDay’19 to focus on Space Technology for a sustainable future

27.11.19 – Switzerland is a recognised space nation and has […]

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earth network

Taking sustainability into space

04.10.19 – Things are changing in outer space: it is […]

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clearspace 1 3d model in space

ClearSpace, a public interest undertaking for our cognosphere *

14.06.19 – ClearSpace, a Swiss start-up**, spin-off of the EPFL […]

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model space debris by ESA

Recognising Sustainable Behaviour

08.05.19 – Solving the growing problem of space debris will […]

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Luc Piguet showing the capture system

How a startup plans to clean up space

05.04.19 – Engineers working on the CleanSpace One project at […]

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model space debris ESA

Tough Love

14.02.19 – This Valentine’s Day, look to the skies at […]

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Esa universe banner

Launch Your Career in Space!

18.10.18 – Space Career Event The first step of a […]

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ESA model of space debris

Latest Report On Space Junk

12.07.18 – ESA’s Annual Space Environment Report is full of […]

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