We, humans, are tireless explorers.
From sailing expeditions across the ocean and breathless climbs to the Earth’s apex to permanently inhabiting labs in low-Earth orbit, research and technology development allow us to pursue the most creative of our aspirations.
The greater commercialization and higher accessibility of space, the advancement of technology, the outlining of potential new markets, and the renewed interest from public entities on our neighbouring celestial body have positioned the Moon, again, at the core of global exploration and infrastructure development roadmaps.

Its proximity to Earth, makes the Moon and cislunar space—the space enclosed
within the Moon’s orbit around Earth—a vital place to attempt to find the answers to major scientific questions about our past, present and future, an ideal test field for new technologies, and a perfect stop on the road to the almost infinite amount of resources resting in space. 

Our Goal

eSpace introduced in 2020 a new initiative aimed at bridging a series of identified knowledge and technology gaps within current global lunar exploration and infrastructure development roadmaps by leveraging eSpace expertise and EPFL network of labs, professors, researchers, and motivated students.eSpace global network and expertise place us in an ideal position to act as initiators, mediators, and facilitators of opportunities and collaborations between EPFL laboratories, Swiss enterprises and organizations, and international partners and institutions.

lunar epfl network


At eSpace, we advocate for a holistic space program that effectively and sustainably explores and develops the Moon. Currently planned lunar projects are opening the doors and creating new channels for Swiss researchers, technologists, and policy makers to take an active stance and support the development and implementation of lunar missions and infrastructure within this decade. The activities envisioned within the framework of this initiative could be classified into one of the following six pillars.

Current Projects


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Initiative Responsible :
David Rodríguez

The Moon in a nutshell

By David Rodriguez | 3 September 2021

A brief introduction to Earth’s natural satellite, its environment, geomorphology, and abundance of natural resources and why it is important for us to come back, this time to stay.

NASA Apollo 8 Earthrise

Reenacting the overview effect with the Moon Village Association Payload Project

By David Rodriguez | 3 September 2021

It’s time to inspire a new generation, to show them what is possible when humans come together as one in pursuit of greater goals.