Research projects

Here you will find a list of projects currently ongoing at EPFL, both in the Space Engineering Center and within EPFL research laboratories.  Want to help? Check out our project openings.

You can also consult the document below, which showcases the different activities.

Ongoing projects at the Space Engineering Center

An orbital garbage cleaner

CSO is a flagship project of eSpace within its core activities of orbital debris removal.  It requires the launch of a servicing spacrcraft which will de-orbit a specific piece of debris.  Which one? SwissCube of course!

CleanSpace One

Our vision at eSpace is to define and drive a strong Swiss contribution to the development of core technologies and modules that will make Space 4.0 possible. To achieve this, we aim to build a coherent, advanced Research Initiative in Sustainable Space Logistics: logistics will be a key element of Space 4.0 and their development is essential to ensure that Space 4.0 remains sustainable in the long term.