Swiss National Science Foundation

Several programs exist which include funding for research in Switzerland or Swiss researchers abroad. The budget for SNSF in 2014 approached 1 Billion CHF.


Innosuisse supports science-based innovation in the interest of the economy and society through: innovation projects, support for start-ups, internationalization and networking support.
Innosuisse also offers a Guide that can help you find the appropriate funding for your project.

European Space Agency

Switzerland is one of the founding members of ESA and, with 135 M€ in 2015, one of the larger contributor. EPFL can apply to all ESA programmes.  eSpace monitors all Published ESA calls (Invitation To Tender - ITT) and can notify EPFL laboratories when relevant calls appear.

For Switzerland, specific programmes of the European Space Agency ESA require the explicit support of the national ESA Delegation ("letter of support" or "letter of authorisation"). Visit the Swiss Space Office page for details on how to submit your proposal.

ESA Programmes:



In the pillars Industrial Leadership (which includes Space) and Societal Challenges, Switzerland is considered a third country in 2016. Thus the Swiss contribution is paid directly by the Swiss government and not included in the proposal total.