Sustainable Space Logistics

eSpace’s main research initiative, SSL, aims to find a new and sustainable way to manage the flow of things (resources, people, data, etc.) within the space industry deep transformation.

Lunar Iniative

eSpace recently-launched research initiative, aimed at bridging key identified knowledge and technology gaps within the current lunar exploration roadmap. First goal: launch our very own payload to the Moon.

Space Sustainability Rating

eSpace has been chosen to lead the Sustainable Space Rating (SSR). The SSR has been developed to help reduce space debris and help ensure the rapidly increasing space missions are managed safely and sustainably.

Project with

eSpace leads several innovative space engineering research projects with partners such as Innosuisse and ESA. They can rely on an intense collaboration with a number of state-of-the-art labs on EPFL Campus with expertise in navigation, materials, robotics, etc.


Space is difficult, especially when it comes to money. Here’s a list of Swiss and European official institutions that can help projects grow.