At the forefront of Space Technology

The EPFL Space Center (eSpace) is an interdisciplinary unit responsible for the federation of space and drone activities at the School.  Specifically, eSpace is coordinating space education at EPFL, developing state of the art nano-satellites, and fostering space research on campus.

Want to be part of the effort?  You can!

eSpace is for you if you are:

  • A student looking for space education at EPFL
  • A student looking for space projects at EPFL (PhD, Msc, bachelor)
  • An EPFL researcher looking to apply their work to space
  • A researchers or industrial looking for academic partners at EPFL for space projects (H2020, CTI, FNS, etc.)

Recent news

Tough Love

This Valentine’s Day, look to the skies at night and you’ll see stars twinkling, a glistening Moon and perhaps even an orbiting science lab passing by, the International Space Station.

What you can’t see is the thousands of