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Apr 23 2024

Release of a White Paper to give feedback to ESA

23.04.24 - The White Paper "Recommendations for the development of space systems life cycle assessment methodology for space transportation systems" has been published. As the EU parliament is about to ...

Dec 13 2023

Twenty years of outer space at EPFL

11.12.23 - The EPFL Space Center was created to bring together space-related research and education across campus. In the last twenty years, the Center has grown, encompassing many research projects, ...

Nov 20 2023

“A reminder of the omnipresence of Murphy’s Law in aerospace”

20.11.23 - In October 2023, the EPFL Rocket Team participated in the European Rocketry Challenge - EuRoC 23 - in Portugal. The team, which won in 2021 and came in ...

Nov 6 2023

EPFL Space Center appoints new Advisory Board and Steering Committee

06.11.23 - The EPFL Space Center has appointed an Advisory Board, composed of seven external experts, and a Steering Committee, composed of three members of EPFL with connections to space. ...

Nov 2 2023

“Choosing the right area of research is vital”

02.11.23 - Three young and enthusiastic doctoral candidates, each working in a completely different domain and faculty, share their insights into life as a researcher at EPFL. Their sole connecting ...

Oct 30 2023

eSpace Director addresses European Parliament on space sustainability

30.10.23 - On October 26, eSpace Executive Director and Vice President of the Space Sustainability Rating Association Emmanuelle David went to Brussels to address the European Parliament's Panel for the ...

Oct 24 2023

eSpace attends the ESA Clean Space Industry Days

24.10.23 - From October 16-19, members of the eSpace team and its close network attended and gave a presentation at the ESA Clean Industry Days, one of the most important ...

Oct 16 2023

“If it’s too easy, there’s no point”

16.10.23 - Since Jean-Paul Kneib arrived in 2012, he has played an integral role in many of EPFL's astronomy and space activities. He is currently the academic director of the ...