Articles by: Stephanie Parker

eSpace Director addresses European Parliament on space sustainability

30.10.23 – On October 26, eSpace Executive Director and Vice President of the Space Sustainability Rating Association Emmanuelle David went to Brussels to address the European Parliamentโ€™s Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) on โ€œThe Future of Space – the Sustainable Pathโ€. She spoke about the different […]

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eSpace attends the ESA Clean Space Industry Days

24.10.23 – From October 16-19, members of the eSpace team and its close network attended and gave a presentation at the ESA Clean Industry Days, one of the most important events on space sustainability in Europe. The ESA Clean Space office offered multiple sessions on eco-design for space, end-of-life management […]

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โ€œIf it’s too easy, there’s no pointโ€

16.10.23 – Since Jean-Paul Kneib arrived in 2012, he has played an integral role in many of EPFLโ€™s astronomy and space activities. He is currently the academic director of the EPFL Space Center, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Late on July 20, 1969 in France, two-year-old Jean-Paul […]

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EPFL Xplore team wins 3rd place at European Rover Challenge 2023

22.09.23 – Xplore secured a third consecutive podium at the European Rover Challenge 2023. During three days from September 15-17, the team competed with their latest rover, Kerby, and drone, Brokkoly, against other international rover teams at the world’s largest Marsyard in Kielce, Poland.ย  To secure their impressive spot on […]

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First joint Aerospace Europe Conference hosted by eSpace

30.08.23 – From July 9-13, EPFL welcomed the first edition of the Aerospace Europe Conference, a joint event between the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS) and the European Conference for Aerospace Sciences (EUCASS). The goal of this joint conference was to unify the European aerospace community instead of having […]

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Two events celebrating Italy and Switzerland in space

To celebrate the Italian Day of Space (giornata Nazionale dello Spazio) in Switzerland, eSpace hosted two exciting events on December 15 and 16, 2022. On the evening of December 15, eSpace and EPFL hosted the event โ€œItaly and Switzerland: Together in Spaceโ€. This event, which had over 300 attendees, was […]

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The Spacecraft Flies To Space Station. 3D Scene.

eSpace joins Net Zero Space initiative

eSpace – EPFL Space Center has joined the Net Zero Space Initiative of the Paris Peace Forum, which is convening a global multi-stakeholder group united by the common goal of realizing a sustainable use of the space environment by 2030. An important milestone A steadily increasing number of satellites have […]

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photo of the sky at night showing the milky way

Unlocking the potential of space for the UN SDGs

Space resources and infrastructure have a major part to play in the realm of sustainability. The Space Sustainability Rating (SSR) at eSpace โ€“ the EPFL Space Center is working to incentivise all space actors to take a leading role in helping to realise the ambitions of the SDGs, and deliver […]

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