Articles by: Stephanie Parker

Two events celebrating Italy and Switzerland in space

To celebrate the Italian Day of Space (giornata Nazionale dello Spazio) in Switzerland, eSpace hosted two exciting events on December 15 and 16, 2022. On the evening of December 15, eSpace and EPFL hosted the event β€œItaly and Switzerland: Together in Space”. This event, which had over 300 attendees, was […]

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The Spacecraft Flies To Space Station. 3D Scene.

eSpace joins Net Zero Space initiative

eSpace – EPFL Space Center has joined the Net Zero Space Initiative of the Paris Peace Forum, which is convening a global multi-stakeholder group united by the common goal of realizing a sustainable use of the space environment by 2030. An important milestone A steadily increasing number of satellites have […]

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photo of the sky at night showing the milky way

Unlocking the potential of space for the UN SDGs

Space resources and infrastructure have a major part to play in the realm of sustainability. The Space Sustainability Rating (SSR) at eSpace – the EPFL Space Center is working to incentivise all space actors to take a leading role in helping to realise the ambitions of the SDGs, and deliver […]

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image of earth surrounded by space debris

International workshop to address problem of space debris

12.04.22 – A workshop at EPFL will bring together an international and interdisciplinary group of experts to find solutions to the pressing issue of space debris and safety. Taking place on May 4-5, the Low Earth Orbit Kinetic Space Safety Workshop is open to participants both in person in Lausanne […]

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