Two events celebrating Italy and Switzerland in space

To celebrate the Italian Day of Space (giornata Nazionale dello Spazio) in Switzerland, eSpace hosted two exciting events on December 15 and 16, 2022. On the evening of December 15, eSpace and EPFL hosted the event β€œItaly and Switzerland: Together in Space”. This event, which had over 300 attendees, was […]

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ESA CM 2022: what’s in it for Switzerland and EPFL?

The European Space Agency (ESA) Council at Ministerial level took place this week – a key decision-making event where the budget for the next 3 years has been adopted by all ESA’s member states. eSpace – EPFL Space Center has carefully followed the discussions and compiled a brief review and […]

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The Spacecraft Flies To Space Station. 3D Scene.

eSpace joins Net Zero Space initiative

eSpace – EPFL Space Center has joined the Net Zero Space Initiative of the Paris Peace Forum, which is convening a global multi-stakeholder group united by the common goal of realizing a sustainable use of the space environment by 2030. An important milestone A steadily increasing number of satellites have […]

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eSpace team in front of the IAC logo

Paris Calling: eSpace goes to IAC2022

From 18-22 September, a delegation from eSpace travelled to Paris to participate in the 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) around this year’s motto β€œSpace for @ll”. With more than 6,500 delegates and representatives from governments, non-governmental organisations, industry and academia, over 250 exhibitors, and conferences, lectures and interactive sessions over […]

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photo of the sky at night showing the milky way

Unlocking the potential of space for the UN SDGs

Space resources and infrastructure have a major part to play in the realm of sustainability. The Space Sustainability Rating (SSR) at eSpace – the EPFL Space Center is working to incentivise all space actors to take a leading role in helping to realise the ambitions of the SDGs, and deliver […]

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A new rating for space sustainability

04.08.22 – The new Space Sustainability Rating hosted at eSpace, the EPFL Space Center, encourages space actors to design and implement sustainable and responsible space missions – trailblazing the path to ensure the long-term sustainability of the space environment. Last year, the launch date of the much-awaited James Webb Space […]

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group photo of the worshop attendees

First Kinetic Space Safety Workshop hosted at EPFL in May

30.06.22 – The first Low Earth Orbit Kinetic Space Safety Workshop, organised by ClearSpace, AXA XL Insurance, LeoLabs, along with eSpace – EPFL Space Center and the EPFL International Risk Governance Center (IRGC), was held last month at the SwissTech Conference Center. The issue of space safety due to the […]

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satellite above earth covered with clouds

Space Sustainability Rating is now live

23.06.22 – The Space Sustainability Rating, an innovative and practical tool to support space actors in designing their missions and managing their operations more sustainably and responsibly, officially launched 23 June 2022. The Space Sustainability Rating (SSR) celebrated its official launch today at the 4th Space Sustainability Summit, hosted by […]

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Op-ed | A new way to incentivize safer conditions for operating in space

The post Op-ed | A new way to incentivize safer conditions for operating in space appeared first on SpaceNews. The rising number of satellites launched in recent years, driven by the emergence of new actors and commercial satellite constellations in low-Earth orbit, has amplified concerns about preserving the long-term use […]

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3d animation of the square kilometre array observatory

Radio astronomy to foster Swiss research and industry

25.05.22 – By becoming a member of the SKA Observatory (SKAO), the largest and most ambitious radio astronomy collaboration in the world, Switzerland intends to foster Swiss research and industry while contributing to an international initiative that promises to revolutionize our understanding of the Universe. The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) […]

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