16.08.21 – EPFL Space Center (eSpace), Laboratory of Astrophysics and Space@yourService are presenting two amazing experiences in Tokyo, starting on August 11th at the Science Museum. VIRUP is a virtual reality platform where you can fully immerse yourself in the most advanced and detailed virtual map of the Universe. Tranquility Base is a thrilling cooperative virtual escape game set in a lunar base and its mission control center on Earth.

This summer, EPFL has been invited by the Science & Technology Office Tokyo as part of Swissnex – the Swiss global network connecting Switzerland and the world in education, research and innovation – to bring two Swiss space related experiences to the land of the rising sun.

VIRUP – The Virtual Reality Universe Project

Immerse yourself in the most advanced and detailed virtual map of the Universe. Sit back, relax and enjoy this amazing journey!

VIRUP is a new multi-platform Virtual Reality (VR) environment developed by the Laboratory of Astrophysics (LASTRO) of EPFL, which provides users with the most modern dynamical view of our Universe. Fully immersed, one can travel through space and time, from the solar system through the outer confines of the Universe, visiting the nearby stars, exoplanets, our galaxy the Milky Way and the Local Group.

More information on the project: www.epfl.ch/labs/lastro/public-outreach/virup/

Tranquility Base – A Swiss Space Virtual Escape Game

A thrilling co-op augmented reality escape game set in a lunar base and its mission control center on Earth where cooperation, action and time will be the key to saving the mission!

Tranquility Base is an application to promote Swiss excellence in the domain of space in an entertaining and educational format. The game is based on the physical escape game named “Switzerland, We’ve Had a Problem” created by the student association “Space@yourService” at EPFL and can be played now in a virtual format. While solving the puzzles, learn about Swiss cutting-edge technologies that support living on the moon. There are hidden elements, too. How many can you find?

The game can be played on two tablets at the Science Museum. The number of players per gameplay is two and the time limit to solve all puzzles is 20 minutes!

More information on Space@yourService: https://spaceatyourservice.ch

First stop: Science Museum


EPFL Space Center (eSpace), LASTRO and Space@your Service are virtually travelling to the Science Museum in August for the first appearance of VIRUP and Tranquility Base in Japan. It is also the world premiere of the latest versions of these science communication projects.

  • An 18-minute VIRUP journey through the Universe will be shown at the Synra Dome from August 11th to 31st starting at 13:10
  • Tranquility Base can be exclusively experienced on August 27th and 28th before its official launch in September

Local visitors are kindly asked to register online on the Science Museum website (in Japanese), due to the sanitary restrictions.

Next stop: Base Q Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

VIRUP and Tranquility Base will follow their Virtual Tour in Tokyo at Base Q Tokyo Midtown Hibiya in September. Detailed program will be unveiled soon.

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