03.03.22 - Space4Impact, eSpace, E2MC Ventures, and Space Innovation joined forces to launch an online course on the New Space Economy, hosted on edX.

This online course is available as a free EPFLx course, where learners can watch more than 30 video lectures by space experts from various domains within startups, academia, the private sector, and public institutions in Switzerland. The course participants will learn about the history of space exploration with former Astronaut Claude Nicollier, follow lectures on cutting-edge space applications by professors and scientists from EPFL, ETH, and University of Zurich, and discover new space business models with exciting Swiss space companies, like Astrocast and Clearspace.

The space industry is a fast-growing market, boosted by the commercialization of this historically institutional sector. As space is becoming more accessible, the current growth of space infrastructures and data is opening a full range of innovative applications for new customers. The New Space Economy online course offers an entry door for anyone who likes to discover the space sector.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, student or career jumper, the course gives a detailed overview of the new space economy. Learners will be introduced to current and future space infrastructures and technology, such as telecommunication, broadcasting, geolocation, Earth Observation, or in-space manufacturing. They will then learn how these space applications can enable new products and services on Earth. Finally, the course will focus on how space can make Earth more sustainable and how to make sure to keep space sustainable in return.

The special lecturers of this course come from EPFL, University of Zurich, ETH, PMOD WRC, ESA BIC Switzerland, NPOC, Clearspace, Astrocast, Meteomatics, Klepsydra, CYSEC, Swiss Re, ITU and more.

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