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Taking sustainability into space

04.10.19 – Things are changing in outer space: it is filling with debris, attracting private companies, and raising new technological challenges. To keep pace with this mercurial environment, the EPFL’s Space Center (eSpace) is changing its focus to logistics. Here, we round up the center’s initiatives as World Space Week […]

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clearspace 1 3d model in space

ClearSpace, a public interest undertaking for our cognosphere *

14.06.19 – ClearSpace, a Swiss start-up**, spin-off of the EPFL Space Center (eSpace), wants to clean up nearby Space (Low Earth Orbit), which is starting to be seriously cluttered with old, broken satellites and debris of all kinds. It’s a real challenge but ClearSpace could take it up. It is […]

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model space debris by ESA

Recognising Sustainable Behaviour

08.05.19 – Solving the growing problem of space debris will require everyone who flies rockets and satellites to adhere to sustainable practices, which doesn’t always happen. Now there will be a way to recognise those who do.   We increasingly rely on satellites for every-day activities like navigation, weather forecasting […]

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Luc Piguet showing the capture system

How a startup plans to clean up space

05.04.19 – Engineers working on the CleanSpace One project at EPFL’s Space Center have come up with a way of capturing and destroying the space debris that has built up over 60 years of low-orbit activities. That team has now founded a startup, ClearSpace, to further develop and market the […]

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model space debris ESA

Tough Love

14.02.19 – This Valentine’s Day, look to the skies at night and you’ll see stars twinkling, a glistening Moon and perhaps even an orbiting science lab passing by, the International Space Station. What you can’t see is the thousands of bits of space debris that circle our planet – remnants […]

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Launch Your Career in Space!

18.10.18 – Space Career Event The first step of a Space Career Event roadshow throughout Switzerland organised by the Swiss Space Center and ESA will take place on November 7th in Geneva at Hepia. For more information and details, please visit the Swiss Space Center Career event page.

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ESA model of space debris

Latest Report On Space Junk

12.07.18 – ESA’s Annual Space Environment Report is full of facts, figures and tables that provide a detailed picture of how the space debris environment around Earth has evolved. Space debris includes all human-made, non-functioning objects in orbit around Earth, some of which regularly re-enter the atmosphere. As of the […]

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