21.03.22 - March 28 to April 1 is Swiss Space Week at EPFL, offering numerous opportunities for participants to discover Switzerland as a space nation. The week will include workshops, a public conference, and will be capped off on March 30 by a full EPFL Space Day, where EPFL associations and research laboratories will introduce themselves to the EPFL community.

swiss space week poster

Space Journey at EPFL on March 30

The day at EPFL will include about 20 speakers, including 7 student associations, a startup, professors, scientists, and PhD students at EPFL.

There will be presentations by Swiss space transportation company Coactum, Prof. Edoardo Charbon from EPFL’s Advanced Quantum Architecture Laboratory (AQUA), Prof. Jean-Paul Kneib from eSpace, and Gilles Feusier from Space Innovation. There will also be presentations on launching rockets using Scala’s open source tools, on EPFL’s Modular Origami Robotics and Design for Demise of Spacecraft Structures research, and on ADRIOS (Active Debris Removal/In-Orbit Servicing), which is ClearSpace’s ground-breaking project for removing debris from space.

Many of EPFL’s student space associations will make presentations as well, including the EPFL Rocket Team, Asclepios, the EPFL Xplore Team, Callista, the EPFL Spacecraft Team, Space@yourService, and the Space Situational Awareness Team.

Throughout the day, there will be time for networking, and posters will be displayed and presented. The events of the day are free and open to the public, but advanced registration is requested. The full agenda of the event can be viewed HERE.

group photo of epfl rocket team

© 2022 EPFL Rocket Team

workshops for students

During the day on March 29 from 8:30 – 15:15 CEST, scientific workshops (in French) will be held for young students, including the “Mystery in the Sky” astronomy workshop and the “Visit to the International Space Station” workshop offered by Space Innovation. Located at EPFL, building MA.

Public conference on space and sustainability

On the evening of March 29 from 18:30 – 20:00 CEST, the public conference “Espace et Durabilité” (in French) will invite experts from Space4Impact, EPFL’s International Risk Governance Center (IRGC), CSEM, and Astrocast to discuss how space contributes to improving life on earth and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and what is Switzerland’s role.

The conference will include a keynote by Swiss astronaut Claude Nicollier and be moderated by Galactic Chloé. It will include an apéro. The event is free but space is limited.

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