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PVSPACE23 – New Generation Photovoltaics for Space

July 5 - July 7

The rapid progress in modern space economy is entrepreneurial and global accessible with increasingly expanding with private players across a variety of sub-sectors and markets via an increasingly growth in funding and investing. A major step forward in the space technologies is to develop affordable power systems applicable in the harsh space environment. Indeed, owing to the source of power, photovoltaics (PVs) always considered as a key component. In agreement with the fast-growing space economy, emerging photovoltaic systems e.g., perovskite solar cells and multi-junction thin film PVs with some interesting characteristics e.g., high efficiency in ultra-low-cost modules, low energy payback time, large scale solution-process manufacturing, intrinsic stability against high energy particles and rays, light-weight and high specific power, have been illustrated a great potential for compete with conventional PV systems in the space applications.Β 

The scope of the conference is to provide an opportunity for experts in variety PV sectors and technologies to have a fresh update on the advancement, state-of-the-art and future roadmap of new generation PV in space applications. From space applications we consider not only those which are available e.g., satellite powering and traditional space missions but also new space developments such as extraterrestrial bases, deployable flexible PV arrays, inflatable solar cells, solar power stations, etc. The conference would also focus on space relevant tests of new PV technologies as well as the first experimental demonstration on the space environment.

Some of the conference topics:Β 

  • Halide Perovskite Solar Modules (PSMs)
  • Low-dimensional Perovskites
  • Advanced materials for space PV systems
  • Ionizing radiation test
  • Space Environment advance PV test
  • Flexible photovoltaics
  • Light-weight materials and technologies for PV systems
  • High power density of PV cellsΒ 
  • New generation PVs


July 5
July 7
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