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3d model of clearspace 1 satellite in space

Jul 10 2020

ClearSpace-1 mission kicks off

10.07.20 - Work has just begun on building the first satellite that can capture and deorbit space debris. Making the space activities more sustainable is a huge responsibility – one ...
euclid telescope 3d model

Jul 9 2020

The Euclid space telescope is coming together

09.07.20 - ESA’s Euclid mission has reached another milestone on its journey towards launch. Its two instruments are now built and fully tested. These have been delivered to Airbus Defence ...
growbot hub 3d montage

Jun 17 2020

Shoot(s) for the Moon!

17.06.20 - Using robotics to grow and harvest plants without human intervention? That’s the aim of GrowBotHub, an EPFL project under the auspices of the IGLUNA 2020 initiative, in which ...
esa academy banner

Jun 16 2020

ESA Academy: new gravity-related experiment opportunities for 2021

16.06.20 - ESA Academy has released three calls for proposals in the gravity-related experiment programmes. Spin Your Thesis! 2021 The Spin Your Thesis! (SYT) programme offers university students (bachelor, master ...
epfl rocket team students

Jun 11 2020

Student projects rescheduled and redesigned

11.06.20 - Students taking part in EPFL’s interdisciplinary projects have had to work from home to limit the spread of COVID-19. Despite this challenge, they remain optimistic. EPFL’s interdisciplinary projects ...
large antennas aligned under a night sky

Apr 20 2020

EPFL joins the giant radio telescope SKA for the Swiss community

20.04.20 - The Square Kilometre Array, or SKA, will be the biggest radio telescope ever built. Thanks to this ambitious tool, some of the universe’s greatest mysteries will be resolved. ...
CHEOPS satellite 3D model in space

Dec 18 2019

A Swiss satellite seeking out distant planets

18.12.19 - The CHEOPS satellite was put into orbit on Wednesday, a day later than planned, from the European spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. The telescope, which will hunt for ...
Clearspace 1 satellite 3d model in space

Dec 13 2019

EPFL startup heads a mission to clean up space

13.12.19 - ClearSpace, a spin-off of EPFL’s Space Center (eSpace), has been selected to lead a major European Space Agency (ESA) space debris de-orbiting project with a total budget topping ...