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colourful images of the moon

Jul 10 2021

The Moon in a nutshell

Article based on original text published in the author’s doctoral dissertation on July 10, 2020.  The number of literary works published to this day about the Moon and its environment ...
rocket launch

Jun 28 2021

“A universal definition of space sustainability is hard to find”

25.06.21 - Under a new rating system, it will soon be possible to assess the social, economic and environmental impact of space missions. The consortium behind the initiative, which includes ...
image of space debris above earth

Jun 17 2021

eSpace to operate the Sustainable Space Rating by 2022

17.06.21 - The World Economic Forum announces that the EPFL Space Center (eSpace) has been chosen to lead the Sustainable Space Rating (SSR). The SSR has been developed to help ...
space debris around earth

May 19 2021

EPFL works to address debris collision risk

19.05.21 - Space debris threatens human safety in space and puts at risk critical space-based infrastructure that supports services such as the internet, global navigation and climate monitoring. A new ...
chess satellite over matterhorn

Feb 5 2021

EPFL moves boldly into space with its CHESS satellites

05.02.21 - The EPFL Spacecraft Team has set itself the ambitious goal of launching two satellites by 2023. With this bold initiative, this student team hopes to gain further insight ...
render for amisru

Dec 8 2020

LMTM prepares for Mooncrafting

08.12.20 - Additive Manufacturing In-Situ Resources Utilization (AMISRU) is a research project led by the Thermomechanical Metallurgy Laboratory (LMTM) and supported by the EPFL Space Center (eSpace) and has been ...

Nov 18 2020

eSpace: a new website has launched!

18.11.20 - The EPFL Space Center (eSpace) has launched a fresh new version of its website. Entirely remodeled for all devices, it focuses on the main activities in education, research ...
clearspace 1 satellite 3d model in space

Oct 29 2020

Deep Learning Algorithms Helping to Clear Space Junk from our Skies

29.10.20 - EPFL researchers are at the forefront of developing some of the cutting-edge technology for the European Space Agency’s first mission to remove space debris from orbit. How do ...